Trump’s .gov site is now online

Trump’s .gov site is now online

President-elect Donald Trump and his team are wasting no time in getting his political engine up and running: Barely a day after he was declared the victor in the US elections, Trump’s transition team has unveiled his first official government site:

It features a video showing Trump playing with his grandchildren, while his son explains how the next president’s ‘toughness’ will see the US in good stead over the next four years.

So soon, you ask? A press note on the site explains that the Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015, which was signed into law this May, granted major party candidates with office space and services immediately following party nomination, so that they could get started with their work as national leaders as quickly as possible.

It also states that Trump and Co. have 73 days between Election Day and Inauguration Day to make roughly 4,100 presidential appointments.

If the news of Trump’s presidency still hasn’t sunk in, a quick visit to this official government site should help.

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