Forget drones, Amazon’s getting into the proper aviation business

Forget drones, Amazon’s getting into the proper aviation business

Sure, drones might eventually be part of Amazon’s last-mile delivery services but the company has to get pretty serious about fast, long-haul logistics if it wants to continue to offer rapid delivery to growing numbers across the world.

Amazon already owns a stake in French freight shipping company Colis Privé, which it’s rumored to be outright acquiring soon, and now it’s leasing 20 Boeing 767 from a freight aircraft company – with a view to buying up to 19 percent of the business over five years.

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The leases from Air Transport Services Group will last between five and seven years – by which time Bezos should have his rockets off the ground, which would make for seriously impressive Amazon deliveries.

Or, given that he’s already working on taking humans into the sky, perhaps Amazon Flights is next on the cards?

Amazon to lease planes for delivery [Reuters via SlashGear]

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