This startup turns your car insurance premium into cancer research donations

This startup turns your car insurance premium into cancer research donations

Everyone wants to give to causes that matter most to them, but sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around providing the funds to actually do so. For some people, parting with $100 or more to donate in a lump sum isn’t doable.

San Francisco startup Givesurance is a company that aims to turn something you do every month — make a car insurance payment — into usable funds to donate to charities and non-profits. And today it has announced a partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to donate funds to research.

Additionally, the company has also added childhood cancer nonprofit CureSearch, so users can now donate with the aim of ending cancer in kids. The startup on a related social media campaign this month, raising awareness for childhood cancer with the hashtag #MakeItGoldforKids.

“Launching these fundraising campaigns enables us to provide CureSearch and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund with a creative new way for donors to contribute to the active search for a cure,” Givesurance founder and CEO Jennifer Rasiah told TNW.

Givesurance currently partners with more than 200 insurance carriers to turn 3 to 5 percent of a user’s insurance premium into a usable donation to use on one of more than 60 partner charities. Whether that’s for cancer research, wildlife preservation or another cause, users get to choose where their money goes.

Givesurance released from beta in June, and its partners include insurance carriers Progressive, Travelers and Healthco.


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