Startup catering service touts successful NYC pilot with Warby Parker, Spotify and more

Startup catering service touts successful NYC pilot with Warby Parker, Spotify and more, a catering startup focused on emerging and established tech companies, first gained ground in San Francisco after lining up major clients like Dropbox, Yelp and Square. Now, the company is announcing a successful pilot in New York, having landed deals with the likes of Warby Parker, Spotify, Aviary, Buzzfeed, Bitly, Codecademy and more.

Over the past five months, appears to have planted its roots in NYC. In fact, the company tells us it has served over 50,000 meals across the city in January and February alone. In total, NYC and San Francisco combined, claims it has served more than 1 million meals since it launched.’s focus on the startup scene makes it a particularly interesting company to watch. Investing in emerging companies which have the potential for rapid growth means’s own potential could skyrocket — if it can secure the right deals early on. Conversely, as startups are high risk entities, key clientele could disappear as quickly as they arrived, leaving in the red.

Yes, you could also look at this as a sign of a bubble, if you wish: Food startup to feed startups expands to new startup market.

Update: To be clear, doesn’t solely focus on startups. It also counts companies like SilverLake, Time Magazine & Xerox as customers.

It’s noteworthy that isn’t alone in this space; it is competing with both established companies like Seamless and similar solutions like ZeroCater.

In any event,’s customers appear happy: Warby Parker in particular praised the company’s ability to work with custom orders and dietary restraints across its 120+ employees.

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