The $1 million donation guy? Yep, that was a hoax.

The $1 million donation guy? Yep, that was a hoax.

Remember the Brooklyn comedian that got himself 1 million dollars by posting youtube videos asking for a cool million ? It was a hoax.

Three weeks ago we reported that Craig Rowin was receiving 1 million dollars from Benjaman, an unknown investment banker that called Rowin after viewing one of his videos on YouTube. It turns out “Benjaman” is an actor.

Prior to getting his fake mill, Rowin made several pleas to various celebrities and milionaires telling them he simply wanted to be a millionaire, and offered no particular reason why he should be given the money.

We thought it was a pretty amazing story if it were true, but we also pointed out earlier that Rowin also contributes to the Onion, so it isn’t that surprising this is bs. In the video below Rowin burns up the cheque he receives on stage at The UCB Theatre in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The Daily News calls Rowin the “not-so-funnyman”, likely because they feel punked. It’s slightly funny.

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