Amazon Launching ‘Free Usage Tier’ For AWS

Amazon Launching ‘Free Usage Tier’ For AWS

Amazon is releasing a free usage tier of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a full year, allowing companies to take advantage of myriad AWS products at no cost.

Amazon has a simple goal behind the new free tier: “[to] enable developers to launch new applications, broaden their AWS knowledge, [and] simply gain hands-on familiarity with the services.”

The company is releasing the following services at the listed usage levels for free:

– 750 hours per month of micro Linux Amazon EC2 instance usage — enough to run continuously (there are approximately 750 hours in a month)

– 750 hours per month of an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

– 10 GB per month of Amazon Elastic Block Storage

– 5 GB per month of Amazon S3 Storage

– 30 GB per month of internet data transfer (15 GB of data transfer “in” and 15 GB of data transfer “out” across all services)

– 25 Machine Hours per month of Amazon SimpleDB

– 100,000 Requests per month of Amazon Simple Queue Service

– 100,000 Requests per month, 100,000 Notifications over HTTP per month, and 1,000 Notifications over Email per month for Amazon Simple Notification Service

The free service begins this November 1st, and will extend until November 1st 2011. The final three listed free products (at those levels of usage) will be free “indefinitely.” If any application’s usage does exceed the free levels, the developer will be charged along normal AWS pricing scales.

You can learn more about Amazon’s free AWS service here.

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