Track The US Elections With Slick New Google Map

Track The US Elections With Slick New Google Map

Google seems to sometimes do things merely because they think that the increased spreading of information is a common good. We agree wholeheartedly.

In that vein Google has put together a wonderful map tool that brings in data from four well respected political data websites and mashes the poll information across maps of the United States to track the upcoming election cycle. The various races will (re)elect over 500 governors, congressmen, and senators.

“With the midterm elections in the U.S. just six weeks away, everyone is wondering how the balance of power between Republicans and Democrats will shake out after November 2,” said Google, explaining part of why they took the time to build the map. Below is a screenshot of it in action:

The tool is simple, engaging, fun, and hard to stop using if you are a fan of statistics and primary colors. You can find it here.

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