Hulu Is Growing, Will Open Development Office In Seattle

Hulu Is Growing, Will Open Development Office In Seattle

Warning to Seattle residents: expect an incoming Hulu incursion. The company is looking to the future and needs more developers. To solve that problem it is opening a new development office in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

Hulu will be up and running in that northern refuge by the end of the year, bringing even more of a developer squeeze to an already (reportedly) relatively tight market for top flight hackers.

In the same blog post Hulu was very upbeat:

[D]espite all our progress to date, our toughest and most interesting technical challenges continue to lie ahead of us. The online video experience today is only a fraction of what we think it can and should be, and we’re looking for talented people who, like us, are inspired to invent the future.

Hulu can stream content to 30 million concurrent users, and serves over one billion videos a month. And you thought that Digg had scaling problems.

Do you live in or near Seattle? Can you code with the best of them? Go and get yourself a job, Hulu wants you.

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