Author Sells 1 Million Books On Kindle Alone

Author Sells 1 Million Books On Kindle Alone

Amazon has just reached an important milestone: a single author has sold 1,000,000 Kindle books. If there was any doubt as to the long reach of Kindle in the electronic reading wars, this settles it.

Stieg Larsson, author of the wonderful trilogy of books The Girl With the Dragon TattooThe Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest is the million-selling writer. Each of the books in his trilogy are in the top ten section of the Kindle store.

What does that mean for other titles on Kindle? There are 7 other books on the top ten, and therefore assuming that the decline from the top slot to tenth is somewhat linear, there are more than a handful of titles on Kindle that have sold 100,000 copies apiece.

Even if iBooks is to overtake Kindle, it has a long march to do so. The deep install base of Kindle across its many platforms is yielding the financial results that fulfill the long-promised future of electronic reading at last.

These numbers were only a matter of time, as Amazon now sells more Kindle books than hardcovers. You can read our past coverage of Kindle here.

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