Want Fiber In The US? Too Bad!

Want Fiber In The US? Too Bad!

To everyone in the States who has been patiently waiting to catch up to the rest of the world in internet speed, be patient, you are going to need to be. New data from a study by Leichtman Research Group points to happy and cheap US consumers, leaving little to spur innovation or investment in fiber.

Some 70% of US broadband consumers are content with their broadband, giving it a score between eight and ten points out of ten. Yes, it seems that the average US internet surfer has no idea how much they pay for how little they get it seems.

Why is this a problem? It is best to answer that in the form of a question: why would any ISP invest billions on a massive fiber roll out to consumers happy with what they currently have? If they are happy now, how many would spring for a more expensive, faster connection? Not many, it would seem. In light of that fact, Verizon has stopped their FiOS roll out to new houses. They company is instead working on promoting the connection to people who can use it.

Oddly enough we Americans seem completely care free that we pay top dollar for bottom of the barrell service. To put our ‘broadband’ internet connections into perspective, this is how fast one intrepid traveller found the free WiFi at a Korean hostel:

Internet speed is important for American competitiveness. We need to demand more, but instead are telling the people gouging us that we are happy and content as can be. That must change.

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