Get Your Kindle Or Nook Refund While You Can

Get Your Kindle Or Nook Refund While You Can

Did you buy a Kindle or Nook right before the dramatic price cuts that they received yesterday? You can get at most of your money back from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but you need to get to work right now.

Both refund scenarios are time sensitive. If you wait, you will lose.


If you bought a Kindle at the $259 price in the last 30 days, Amazon will refund you $70 in store credit. Contact Amazon customer support and have the data of your Kindle purchase in hand along with whatever documentation that you think that you could need.


You have to have purchased your Nook in the last 14 days, you can get some money back. Barnes and Noble is offering a $10 refund and $50 gift card to recent purchasers. The 14 day period corresponds with the Nook’s return period. Contact either online customer support, or take your device to the local manager at your local Barnes and Noble.

To learn about the recent price drops, read more here.

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