Oh dear…AT&T puts an end to its unlimited iPhone data pricing plan.

Oh dear…AT&T puts an end to its unlimited iPhone data pricing plan.

AT&T has today announced it will no longer offer its $30 unlimited-pricing plan for new smart phone customers.

In a move tha could mean lower costs for some users but raise the cost of new iPhone plans for data intensive iPhone users, you can expect mayhem from the blogging community.

Apple is expected to unveil its latest iPhone iteration around the same time as the pricing plan change.

AT&T will offer plans to new customers that cost $15 monthly for 200 megabytes of data traffic or $25 monthly for 2 gigabytes.

CNet explains in detail:

The low-end plan, DataPlus, includes 200MB of data for $15 a month. If the 200MB limit is exceeded, another 200MB block is added on for $15. This continues for as much data as is used.

The high-end plan, DataPro, includes 2GB of data–10 times more than DataPlus–for $25. When the 2GB threshold is reached, another 1GB can be tacked on for $10. Each 1GB after that is $10, as much as is used. That’s far better than the old overage rate of $100 per GB, or 10 cents per MB.

Current AT&T subscribers will be allowed to keep the unlimited plan, even if they renew their contracts. But all new subscribers will have to choose one of the two new plans.

AT&T is still the only carrier of the iPhone in the U.S. Harsh.

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