Hulu to start beta-testing $9.95 subscription service. Will you pay?

Hulu to start beta-testing $9.95 subscription service.  Will you pay?

Hulu Pay BetaThe LA Times reports that Hulu is throwing its hat into the ring of pay-to-view services.  Though, that payment is only required for older content.

According to the model, Hulu would continue to offer for free the 5 most recent episodes from major network shows.  But if you want to go back further, you’re going to have to dig into your pockets.

$9.95/month will afford you unlimited streaming of back episodes, as well as the possibility of additional content.  As of yet, no details have been mentioned about what the other content might be, but let’s hope that the back episodes aren’t the only value-added part of a subscription price.

It’s also worthy to note that Hulu has recently lost some major programming draws.  With shows leaving the Internetwork, we have to wonder if Hulu is making the right decision in asking for a healthy chunk of cash in order to view the remains.

Though Hulu brought in over $100 million in ad funds since its inception, that’s not quite enough according to the owners.  Right now, viewers get fewer commercials than they would over-the-air, but even that is set to change as time moves on.

And so the question begs to be asked: will you pay?  With so many other options available, and further integration of services such as Netflix and Boxee, is the $9.95 price point too high?  If so, what price isn’t?

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