Clearwire Exec Wants 4G Standards To All Get Along

Clearwire Exec Wants 4G Standards To All Get Along

Bill Morrow, chief executive of Clearwire, said in his keynote at CTIA that the big players in the mobile industry should be working to try and bring LTE and WiMax together.

One could be cynical and write this off as an “if only” sort of statement. After all, Clearwire is setting up WiMax networks, which are probably going to lose the 4G popularity contest to LTE. This is at the very least true for the US, where the two biggest mobile providers, AT&T and Verizon, are both betting on LTE.

But Mr. Morrow’s point is still a good one. The 4G format war, if we can’t to call it that, is one in which no one wins. It’d be to the benefit of consumers if carriers were working to set up one massive network which provided high speed data to all mobile devices.

Mr. Morrow also said that the company is planning to build its network to reach “270 million of the population in the United States.” Last week, T-Mobile USA began talks with Clearwire to use its WiMax network for the provider’s own 4G service.

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