How To Support The US StartUp Visa Act – You Can Help

How To Support The US StartUp Visa Act – You Can Help

svlogoThe United States is a hotbed for both entrepreneurs and capital. The two combine all over the nation, fusing to form new ventures that change the world.

While these companies are based in the United States, very often their founders are not from this country. They are often attracted by the high powered venture capital networks, access to concentrated talent pools in areas such as Silicon Valley, and of course the prevalence of relatively fair business rules and the high level of liquidity events for early stage companies found in the US.

But there is a problem. Often, foreign born founders cannot obtain citizenship or the proper visas that they need  to stay in the country to work. At long last, two Senators and a number of technology luminaries are taking a stand. Their vision is the StartUp Visa act to help keep brilliant entrepreneurs in the States, and focused on their companies and not deportation.

The bill provides a two year visa (the EB-6) for any entrepreneur who has raised $250,000 from accredited US investors. You would be surprised at how many people that applies to. After the two years is up, if they have created five full time jobs, hit one million dollars in yearly revenue, or raised one million more dollars, they can become a permanent resident.

This bill is the best interests of the US government, get and keep the most and best talent in the United States. It is in the best interest of entrepreneurs, providing peace of mind on founding companies in the United States. It is in the best interest of investors, who want security in their investments. Finally, it is in the best interest of the global consumer looking for great new products to use.

How can you help support the bill? Even if you are not in the United States, you can throw in support for a bill against xenophobic treatment of people strictly based on their country of origin. Ways to help:

  1. Tweet at Congress. You can do this by tweeting messages to @2Gov, and by installing this widget to your website to encourage others to do the same. Not in the US? Use any old Zip Code you want. Make your voice heard!
  2. Call your Senator or Congressman, and express support for the bill. If you do not know how to do this, their phone numbers are listed here.
  3. Send this video to your friends, explaining to them what is going on, and why it is important.
  4. Send people to the bill’s website, which you can find right here, and get them to spread the word.

As they say, this is very important. The United States is known to be a do-it-yourself country, which is true. What is often forgotten however, is just how many of the do-it-yourselfers that are working here were not born here. Let them in, let them work. They are brilliant, after all.

TNW US is proud to support the bill.

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