Microsoft Records Huge Quarter – $6.7 Billion In Profits On Strong PC Market

Microsoft Records Huge Quarter – $6.7 Billion In Profits On Strong PC Market

microsoft logo_qjpreviewthThe last quarter of 2009 ended the weakness that had been seen in personal computer sales. Mostly on strength in the global PC market, Microsoft recorded financial performance that greatly surpassed analyst estimates.

For its most recent quarter, Microsoft saw a 60% rise in earnings. Revenue grew 13% to $19 billion (all numbers USD), lifting earnings to $6.7 billion. Analysts had expected $17.9 billion in revenue.

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Windows 7, the latest version of the popular Windows operating system, has resonated with consumers strongly. That together with the new netbook market explosion and consumers’ willingness to purchase computers as holiday presents helped Microsoft to sell more of its software to consumers around the world.

Microsoft’s quarter of strong earnings matches Apple’s, with both companies seeing strong margins on new products. Rising sales of computers lifts all boats in the technology sector, meaning that this news will buoy other lare technology companies.

Microsoft stock was down some 1.7 percent on the day.

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