Uber’s launched a wheelchair-friendly service in London

Uber’s launched a wheelchair-friendly service in London

Uber has launched its first Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) in London as the company continues to battle the incumbent taxi and minicab trade in the UK capital.

Set to go live later today, the new UberWAV option can be booked across the whole of Greater London and vehicles will come with a rear entry ramp, winch and restraints.

At first, users booking an UberWAV will likely have to wait significantly longer than for any other type of Uber simply down to the fewer number of applicable vehicles on the roads. The company says that over the next few weeks, wait times are expected to be around 25 minutes in more central areas, and around 40 minutes for people further out (in Zones 3 and 4); more vehicles will be added over time.

The company also says that UberWAV drivers are all top-rated and have been given Disability Equality Training from Transport for All and Inclusion London. They also go through the same safety checks as regular Uber drivers.

The move will come as a blow to black-cab drivers in the city who have been battling the company in the city over various legal objections. In a bid to throw a little water on these flames, Uber offered black-cab drivers the option of using the platform for free for one year.

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