Did GCHQ spy on you? Here’s how to find out

Did GCHQ spy on you? Here’s how to find out

Have you ever wondered if GCHQ was keeping an eye on you or giving your information to the NSA? Well, now you can find out for certain.

How? Ask them. Using Privacy International’s “Did GCHQ spy on you?” tool, you can file an official request with the British intelligence agency and it is obliged to divulge the details of any data collected about you. Once the information has been revealed, GCHQ is required to delete it permanently.

All requests are dealt with through the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), which checks if your personally identifiable details (IP address, email, name, etc) are included in GCHQ’s database.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that searches can only check the previous 12 months and the information you have to give the IPT to conduct your request ironically makes it easier for GCHQ to potentially spy on you in the future.

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