Miaow! PawSquad’s video service for UK pets brings a virtual vet into your home

Miaow! PawSquad’s video service for UK pets brings a virtual vet into your home

While the UK is starting to slowly embrace telemedicine – Push Doctor being a recent example – there hasn’t been the same kind of push for a similar service for the nation’s beloved pets, which is surprising considering we have 65 million of them.

As of today, however, you’ll be able to make a face-to-face video call with a vet to discuss any questions you have about your pet’s ongoing conditions or treatments via PawSquad, which is similar to Vet On Demand‘s service in the US.

What’s stressed by the company is that this is not a service for any pet in need of a diagnosis or thorough checkup; it’s for non-urgent issues or advice for managing existing conditions.

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For a 15-minute consultation, the cost is £15, which PawSquad says compares to around £35-£40 for a 10-minute appointment at a bricks-and-mortar veterinary clinic.

It’s certainly going to appeal to anyone who is short on time and would rather not sit around in a vet’s office waiting for an appointment to manage ongoing issues with their pets.

The company’s co-founder, Diwaker Singh, sees the service as a stepping stone to new markets and services.


We’re starting off by launching a video consultation service to make it easy for owners to manage their pets’ needs but our vision is much bigger. International expansion is in our plans as well as extending our product offering. Our mission is to improve the way our pets are cared for; and we will pursue those opportunities that help us make pet care more affordable and convenient for pet owners while opening up more business opportunities for pet care providers.

Whether or not Singh can convince a nation of pet owners that a video call will suffice when it comes to their moggie’s health is another question. For now, it’s browser-based only, but mobile apps are on the way later this year.

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