Techstars reveals the 11 startups in its London 2014 intake

Techstars reveals the 11 startups in its London 2014 intake

The Techstars accelerator in London has today announced the 11 new startups that will take part in its 2014 program.

Although a more established name in the US, it’s only actually the second year for the Blighty-based program but that hasn’t stopped a flood of more than 1,000 applications for the new intake, according to the organization.

From that pile, 11 companies from eight different countries (USA, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Israel, Ireland, South Korea and the UK) were chosen to take part and will work towards a demo day on June 20. 

  •  Avuba  – A German startup that wants to build a mobile first service that will ‘fix banking’.
  • Eat In My Seat (US/UK) – a service that allows users to skip queues when out at a game (or other venues) by ordering food directly to your seat.
  • eRated – An Israeli startup that “lets you use one reputation score in a world of marketplaces”.
  • Good Audience – A US startup with a tool for increasing your brand, product or service’s reach with social media users.
  • Lingvist – A language learning startup from Estonia with a platform for learning new languages that promises to have you talking like a local in 200 hours or less.
  • Magnific – A platform that “connects readers, writers and curators for a more personalized reading experience” launching first in the UK.
  • Proximus – A Spanish analytics engine that looks at consumer behaviour in conjunction with geo-location data.
  • Pubble – An Irish startup with a platform for embedding Pubble’s Q&A platform into users websites.
  • Smile Family – A mobile-first community for moms.
  • Spatch – (US) – A new “decentralized communication protocol built on top of email”.
  • Zzish – A UK company with tools for helping developers to make education apps more engaging.

Techstars pointed out that the perception that accelerators are only for the most early stage startups is perhaps inaccurate – from these 11 companies, five of them have already raised more than $4 million in total.

Featured Image Credit – Robert Scoble/Flickr

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