Recipe search site Yummly now caters for UK palates

Recipe search site Yummly now caters for UK palates


Launched way back in 2010, Yummly has been serving foodies the world over with recipes based on their exact preferences for a few years already. Don’t want salt OR mustard? Yummly lets you exclude such ingredients from your searches. And now it’s catering specifically for UK palates too.

Though Brits have been able to access Yummly for a while already, there’s now a dedicated portal which marks the company’s first forage outside of the US market, though it currently claims 15 million unique monthly visitors globally .

This means that UK visitors will see local recipe sources, metric units of measurement and, yes, UK-centric adverts. Also, there’s additional categories and enhanced search filters, such as ‘Mexican’ and ‘Sunday Lunch’. The iOS app, too, has been localized for the UK market.


Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock

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