BSkyB’s new WiFi-enabled Sky+ HD box surfaces online, 500GB version shipping for £179.99

BSkyB’s new WiFi-enabled Sky+ HD box surfaces online, 500GB version shipping for £179.99

While we already knew that UK satellite broadcaster BSkyB was planning to introduce a new WiFi-enabled Sky+ HD box in September, the first of these boxes has apparently surfaced online already, and is available to buy now.

Thus far, Sky subscribers have been required to connect their box to their router via Ethernet, or procure a separate Wi-Fi adapter. With the new Wi-Fi-enabled box, however, users won’t have to worry about where their TV is positioned in relation to the router, or plugging any additional equipment into their box.

It’s thought that Sky will issue the WiFi-enabled box as standard to new subscribers (no date yet for when this will start), while pushing the WiFi adapter to existing users. In its announcement at the time, Sky said:

“We will step up the roll-out of connected boxes across our base by offering a low-cost wireless connector to customers that have a Sky+HD box but haven’t yet connected it to broadband. We will also launch a new WiFi enabled Sky+HD box as standard from September, rolling it out to targeted groups of customers who don’t yet have Sky+HD boxes. This acceleration of our connected Sky+HD  platform will open up access to the full range of On Demand services.”

The new models no longer have the RF port (Aerial in and RF1/RF2 Out), but this has been replaced with an IO Port. A 500GB and 2TB version is currently being offered via for £179.99 and £279.99 respectively, though it seems only the smaller version is currently in stock – the 2TB incarnation is on pre-order for week commencing September 2.

It’s not quite clear whether this is an official reseller or not, but given no formal announcement has been made, it’s possible AerialSat has jumped the gun a little by making this available sooner. So don’t be surprised if this is taken offline at some point.

[Update: Both versions of the device have now been taken offline.]

➤  AerialSat: Sky+ HD Box (Wi-Fi) – 500GB | 2TB



Feature Image Credit – BEN STANSALL/AFP/GettyImages

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