Telefónica’s JetSetMe IFTTT channel lets you set smart rules for your online life when you travel

Telefónica’s JetSetMe IFTTT channel lets you set smart rules for your online life when you travel ...

Have you ever wanted your phone to automatically send an email or post on Facebook when you touch down somewhere abroad, or let your friends know exactly where you are in the world while you’re trotting your way around the globe?

Well, if you have, and you’re an O2 UK mobile customer you’re in luck as Telefónica (parent company of O2 in the UK) has just added a JetSetMe channel to If This Then That’s (IFTTT) homepage to do just that, plus more.

The If This Then That website can be used to automate certain actions, such as emailing you all the news from your RSS reader if you constantly forget to check it or indeed – as one user has done, at least – to log a new line in a spreadsheet every time it rains in your city.

Telefónica’s spin on the service in the form of its JetSetMe channel allows users to carry out one of a set of pre-made actions while roaming abroad.


The pre-made options include things like letting people know automatically when you land abroad (or return home) by sending an email or posting to social networks, or even post notifications on enterprise-focused services like Yammer to let colleagues know you’re travelling in a different time-zone and don’t want to be disturbed.

Naturally, O2 users will likely want to create their own set of triggers, which they can do once they have opt-ed in and activated the JetSetMe channel.

In order to activate membership to the channel, users simply type in their phone number and then should receive an activation code.

The triggers activate automatically whenever you turn on your phone abroad (or land at home), so there’s no need to remember to actually do anything to carry out each of the actions.

Telefónica said the service was free for now and that it was looking at expanding it to customers in other markets in the future. It also said future integration could include things like banks so you no longer need to tell them when you are travelling abroad.

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