Meltdown is launching the UK’s first eSports bar in London on June 1

Meltdown is launching the UK’s first eSports bar in London on June 1

The UK is about to get its first bar dedicated to watching and playing competitive video games, known as eSports, courtesy of Meltdown.

The new venue, spotted by Polygon (via Eurogamer) is expected to open on 342 Caledonian Road (London) on June 1 and stream a number of professional gaming events – think Starcraft II, Street Fighter IV, League of Legends and the like – on a daily basis.

Once it’s up and running, players will be able to visit Meltdown London and buy video game themed beverages from 5pm until midnight, Monday to Friday, and up until 1:30am on weekends.

It follows two similar eSports bars which were setup in Paris and Berlin under the Meltdown moniker by StarCraft 2 journalist and commentator Sophia “Foxy” Metz.

The interest in eSports is growing all the time, both as an occupation for professional players and as a form of entertainment for its respective communities and interested onlookers.

The long-term sustainability of such an establishment is yet to be proven, but we’re all for a new haunt to meet fellow gamers and generally have a good time. You can check out the full details for Meltdown London’s grand opening on June 1 over on its dedicated Facebook page.

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Image Credit: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

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