Amazon to create 10,000 jobs in the UK for the Christmas season

Amazon to create 10,000 jobs in the UK for the Christmas season

Students rejoice, there is work for you over the holiday season. Anyone who has taken up a seasonal job will likely remember the haul over Christmas and Amazon says that it will be opening 10,000 jobs through its UK warehouses to cope with the demand for gift orders.

Recruitment for temp positions at the UK’s eight warehouses is currently taking place and the ‘festive’ season or peak time, runs from October until the end of December.

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As people plan their online gift shopping and try to avoid the seasonal postal system problems the pace will no doubt quicken in Amazon’s distribution centres. The company shipped more than 2 million products a day through the peak season last year.

The company says that many of its employees start with temp jobs during the holidays and then take up more permanent work and that those who worked over Christmas before often return to similar roles each year. Not a bad way to earn some extra cash for the holidays.

Image Credit: Akira Ohgaki

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