Amazon takes its local daily deal service to the UK, starting with London

Amazon takes its local daily deal service to the UK, starting with London

Back in June last year, e-commerce giant Amazon became the latest company to sidle into the daily deals space with the launch of AmazonLocal. It offered a marketplace for folk to buy vouchers and secure special offers for goods and services from local businesses in a customer’s local area.

Thus far the service has been US-only, available in dozens of cities across 32 states – from Arizona to Wisconsin. But as of this week AmazonLocal has been rolled out in the UK, kicking off with London.

While you can choose to peruse special deals across London, you can also filter it down by region – for example Central London, East London and so on:

At the time of writing, you can secure anything from flying lessons to massages and baked-goods products. While this is restricted to London at the moment, it should be gradually rolled out across the country in due course.

So, this positions Amazon alongside the likes of LivingSocial and Groupon, which already operate in the UK’s competitive daily deals market. The latter of these companies has already fallen foul of UK regulators, after the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) found that it regularly broke advertising regulations throughout last year.

With Amazon entering the space, that’s one more email to deal with in your inbox, if you choose to subscribe that is. You can choose to visit the page whenever you wish, without signing up.

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