HotelTonight stats reveal iOS users spend 15% more per night on hotels than Android users

HotelTonight stats reveal iOS users spend 15% more per night on hotels than Android users

We first covered same-day hotel-booking app HotelTonight way back in early 2011, when it launched initially for iPhones. Well, a lot has happened since then.

It hit Android last summer, before being rolled out for iPads earlier this year, which geared it up nicely for its first tentative steps outside of the US market, first in Toronto and then London last month. Oh, and it also recently secured $23 million Series C investment, led by US Venture Partners with continued participation from Accel Partners, Battery Ventures and First Round Capital.

HotelTonight has also confirmed more than 2.5 million downloads to date, with last-minute hotels sought in 40 US cities, plus Toronto, Vancouver and London.

Now, HotelTonight has shared a few insights into bookings placed through its slew of mobile apps, drawing on data going all the way back to January 2011. And as if to get into the spirit of the soon-to-launch London Olympics, the startup puts Android up against iOS in what it’s touting as ‘the first mobile booking Olympics’.

Some of the top-line nuggets include: iOS users lead Android in terms of spend and speed of booking. But not to be outdone, Android users trump their Apple counterparts on spontaneity and duration of stay.

More specifically…

  • iOS users spend on average 15% more than Android users per night on hotel stays.
  • iOS users are the fastest mobile bookers, and lock in their stays 33% quicker than Android users.
  • iOS users are 6% more likely to mix it up and use HotelTonight for an impulse vacation.
  • iOS users are 10% more likely to use HotelTonight for flight delays, detours or travel mix-ups.
  • Android users are 20% more likely to book three or more consecutive nights.
  • Android users are 7% more likely than iOS users to book spontaneously versus planning ahead to book last-minute.
  • Android users are 32% more likely to book after 9pm, and iOS users are 10% more likely to book before 2pm.
  • Users of an Android device are 49% more likely to use HotelTonight to book a room in Las Vegas, and iPhone users are 56% more likely to use HotelTonight to book in New York City and 88% more likely to book a room in London.

The data for this head-to-head was taken from HotelTonight mobile app bookings, as well as a post-booking survey. The date range spans from January 1, 2011, through to July 20, 2012.

Meanwhile, check out HotelTonight’s booking infographic below…


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