Laugh Louder: This iOS app helps you search for live comedy shows around the UK

Laugh Louder: This iOS app helps you search for live comedy shows around the UK

There’s no shortage of apps that profess to help you find the best things going on around you at any one time. But if you want to drown out all the noise, and only access the information that matters to you, then that’s where niche apps such as this can help.

You’re not looking for music, cabaret, fine dining or fancy cocktails. No, you want to laugh at some comedy nearby, which is where Laugh Louder could come to the rescue.

Our initial doubts about this app soon disappeared after ten seconds of tinkering, as a fair selection of local London comedy gigs were offered with just a few clicks.

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked if it can access your location – I clicked yes, so it would automatically throw up local shindigs for me.

You can sort by date or location, and when you click on each event, it lets you see profiles of the performers in question, and book tickets by guiding you to the venue’s box office.

You can also search by comedian. An alphabetically-ordered list gives you full profiles on hundreds of comedians, with their associated tour dates around the country. And a Google-powered map lets you visualize gigs in your vicinity.

The ‘Your Favourites’ section lets your store your top gag-artists too, so you quickly access information on any upcoming performance.

We’re told that all the gigs are uploaded manually, with some added by the Laugh Louder team, and others added by promoters – with more signing-up every day.

While gigs are listed from around the country, London seems to have the most content by quite some way. I checked the ‘What’s On’ section for Edinburgh whilst in town, and it had a mere two listed for three weeks away.

That said, the app has real potential to grow. It has been nicely designed, and the content at the time of writing is decent, if a little London-centric.

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