BT combines its UK Openzone and Fon networks to create BT Wi-fi

BT combines its UK Openzone and Fon networks to create BT Wi-fi

BT is combining its Openzone wireless broadband Internet access and BT Fon Wi-fi community together under one name: BT Wi-fi.

The company says that the move makes things ‘neater and clearer’.

BT includes unlimited free Wi-fi with its home broadband and has recently added this feature to its business broadband accounts too. This means that BT broadband customers don’t need to pay for 3G or use a dongle to get online while they are out and about.

There are more than 4 million hotspots for BT Wi-fi in the UK, so there’s a chance that you’ll be able to find a signal in far more places.

Even if you’re not a BT customer for broadband, you can still use BT Wi-fi with a subscription or voucher at the afore-mentioned hotspots.

Customers in the UK are benefiting from the healthy competition when it comes to free Wi-fi hotpots in public areas. BSKyB is offering free unlimited Wi-fi via The Cloud and O2 has been targeting popular places to gather to provide a free signal such as Debenhams department stores, Costa Coffee houses and McDonalds.

That’s good news for those of use who cannot bear to be disconnected for any length of time.

BT is expecting a little confusion while the rebranding takes place, but says that users can still get online using any of the network names in the mean time.

Image Credit: Ell Brown

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