Socialbakers reveals the best days of the week to boost social brand engagement

Socialbakers reveals the best days of the week to boost social brand engagement

Sunday is the day when particular brands can expect higher levels of engagement with fans on social media platforms. That’s according to social media and digital analytics firm Socialbakers.

When the social media audience is relaxed and feeling like Sunday morning, it seems that it is prime time for fast moving consumer goods and telecoms brands to get their message to hit the mark.

Socialbakers monitors over 10 million Facebook pages and places, and this data is pulled from these pages. Telecoms brands for example, experience engagement rates of 0.11% on Sundays compared to 0.06% on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It seems telecoms fans start their day Facebook-browsing in bed, resulting in engagement peaks for brands like Vodafone UK from 7 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Probably not the people with hangovers who can barely see at that time on a Sunday.

This is certainly food for thought when product launches and press releases are traditionally released during the working week to gain coverage via news outlets. For a more direct method of marketing, brands in these sectors might do well to consider catching the eye of the audience at the weekend on social platforms.

Visual stimulus

Petrol-heads have different habits it seems. Tuesdays and Wednesdays elicit the biggest response with car manufacturers attracting average engagement rates of 0.11% on Tuesday and 0.10% on Wednesday. In the automotive space, the greatest triggers of consumer interaction are posts containing visual content, such as album updates and videos. Not surprising when cars have always been appealing due to their good looks and some of the marketing photography in this area is nothing less than spectacular, warranting a closer look.

Jan Rezab, CEO, Socialbakers commented on the results: “To maximise fan engagement, brands need to tailor social media updates according to their audiences browsing habits. Whilst they must maintain engagement throughout the week, they should consider posting their most compelling content at times of peak engagement to ensure the greatest online brand buzz.”

Sage advice, there’s not much point in spreading social marketing around without a plan. Directed efforts will reap a higher return on investment and with so many platforms to monitor, this helps to keep engagement and work time at a more manageable level.

Other results released from Socialbakers today show that the responsiveness of brands to fan posts on Facebook is on the up, with response rates up 15.5% since October last year, when just 5% of posts elicited a response from a brand. This step change indicates brands are finally learning the importance of interacting with their fan base.

Socialbakers, measures engagement rate by week and hourly user activity to provide comprehensive real time data on social media interactions online. A social business battling it out for time and customer attention would be wise to keep an eye on tips like this that could not only make difference but also make more money.

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