The British Monarchy on Facebook; One’s timeline goes back to 1952

The British Monarchy on Facebook; One’s timeline goes back to 1952

Whether you are a Monarchist or not, you will probably be impressed by the Facebook timeline that follows the life of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II and The British Monarchy.

It’s not just that the Monarchy wields a lot of power, but it seems the Queen’s digital servants have a great handle on how to make the most of Facebook’s timeline features.

From the bottom up, the timeline opens on Feb 6, 1952. A black and white Press Association photo starts the story, “Dressed in black, Her Majesty sets foot on British soil for the first time as Queen following the death of her father, King George VI and her resulting Accession. Her Majesty was in Kenya when she learnt of her father’s death.”

From there you an follow the life of the Monarch through every decade up to the present day.

It’s an extraordinarily lively way to present the history of a Royal figure. Not only are the landmark births, weddings and funerals listed, you can also find other aspects of life in the UK. Fashion, technology and social history all become apparent while following this particular timeline. I was particularly fond of the photo of the Queen making the first subscriber trunk call in the UK in 1958.

Inside the Royal Household

For those who are very keen on learning more about the Monarchy at home, there are intriguing notices and updates.

The effort and time taken to populate the timeline since the Monarchy joined Facebook in 2010 is impressive. If one’s subjects are on Facebook, then it makes sense to be there too.

Word of warning though, you can’t misbehave on Her Majesty’s pages…

Well, she is the Queen.

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