Blockbuster UK takes a swipe at Netflix, with new ‘exclusive’ physical-format movie range

Blockbuster UK takes a swipe at Netflix, with new ‘exclusive’ physical-format movie range ...

When Netflix launched in the UK two weeks back to pull the carpet from under LoveFilm, the debates kicked into overdrive. Who will win in the Netflix/LoveFilm battle for supremacy? And wait a minute…aren’t we forgetting about BSkyB and BBC iPlayer?

In all the debates, not once was Blockbuster mentioned. Indeed, Netflix launched as a streaming-only service in the UK, which is partly why the debates didn’t include Blockbuster, as it still only deals in physical format media in Britain. That is, until its UK streaming service launches some time this year.

However, Blockbuster clearly still sees a demand for physical format films, as Pocket Lint reports, announcing a new ‘Exclusives’ range of movies that aren’t available to rent or buy elsewhere. The movies will be available in Blockbuster’s bricks-and-mortar stores, as well as through its postal service.

Blockbuster has partnered with major and independent studios such as Disney, Icon, Lionsgate, Sony, Studiocanal and Universal Pictures, to offer exclusive titles such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and the range will be available to Blockbuster customers only for a three-week period.

The exclusive movies cost £2.99 per rental, but is this enough to curb the streaming revolution? Probably not, but it can certainly paper over of the cracks until Blockbuster sorts its own on-demand service out.

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