Spotify Gift Cards arrive in UK stores

Spotify Gift Cards arrive in UK stores

It has been possible to buy Spotify e-cards as gifts for a while, with users able to email or print the cards off. But Spotify has announced that gift cards will be available in-store too, in what seems like could just be the UK to begin with, though it would make sense that it will be rolled out across the board shortly.

The cards will first be available in the Morrisons’ supermarket chain from today, though Spotify will be “adding many more retail shops in the near future”.

The gift cards will come in three different denominations: £10, £30 and £50, and the recipient can redeem the card for a Spotify subscription, or download tracks to keep. To redeem a card you need to head over to the ‘Redeem your code‘ page and enter the PIN number on the back of the card.

By way of an example, a £10 card will get you 1 month of Spotify Premium access, 2 months of Spotify Unlimited or 15 tracks to download.

Given the monumental success of iTunes gift cards, it was only a matter of time before Spotify jumped on the bandwagon too and, coming up to Christmas, the timing couldn’t be better, a fact not lost on the good people at Spotify. Andres Sehr says in the blog post today: “Spotify Gift Cards are the perfect present for birthdays, Christmas – in fact, any occasion!”

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