Amazon’s ‘Click & Collect’ service is coming to the UK

Amazon’s ‘Click & Collect’ service is coming to the UK

You’ve all used Amazon before, whether it’s to buy a brand new book, a rare DVD or a batch of last-minute birthday presents for a loved-one. But the thing is, any item bigger than a book or a DVD tends not to fit through a standard letterbox, so the hassle of being at home to let the postman in often means a trip into town is the only sure-fire way of receiving an item in good time.

But this could be a thing of the past, as the e-commerce giant is looking to set up a Click & Collect scheme, which are essentially lockers in shopping centres where you can collect your purchases in person.

As SlashGear reports, you decide which locker location it’s delivered to, whether that’s near your work or somewhere on the journey home, and you’ll receive a unique access code which allows you to collect your goods. That surely must be more convenient than queuing at your local mail depot on the other side of town which closes at 6pm?

It seems that Amazon has partnered with Land Securities, owners of a range of shopping centres around the UK, and the first Click & Collect lockers could be unveiled as early as next week.

This move follows hot on the heels of a very similar initiative in the US, where Amazon customers can collect their goods from 7-Eleven stores. It’s thought that the scheme is to be tested at some Seattle stores imminently.

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