Financial Times web app closes in on 200,000 downloads

Financial Times web app closes in on 200,000 downloads

The Financial Times (FT) launched a new web app on June 7th 2011, and two weeks later it’s closing in on an impressive 200,000 downloads, reports Media Week.

The FT had expressed concerns about the lack of data Apple made available of user activity from the App Store, through the iOS apps distributed from the App Store. And it was this concern that formed the basis of the new web app. The FT says on its website:

“We have launched a new, faster, more complete app for the iPad and iPhone which is available via your browser rather than from an app store. We’re encouraging our readers to switch immediately to the new FT web app, as many new features and sections will be added over the coming weeks. Make sure you don’t miss out on these updates. Go to on your iPad or iPhone.”

According to Media Week, the FT is now homing in on 200,000 downloads. If this figure prove accurate, this could help drive web app usage with other news publishers too in Europe and across the world, as many have taken umbrage at the lack of access to subscriber demographics and also the 30% cut that Apple takes.

A spokesman for the FT said:

“We’ve seen strong demand for the FT web app since its launch. We have an ongoing marketing campaign encouraging users to migrate to the new platform and we’re confident we can maintain the momentum.”

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