Flypost shares local events and music without the litter

Flypost shares local events and music without the litter

A new app called Flypost, available for the iPhone, is attempting to legitimise flyposting by offering local event and music listings without the need for sticky posters on phone boxes, billboards or telegraph poles.

Created by Waxwired, a startup out of London’s “Silicon Roundabout” tech hub, Flypost is location-based application that displays events held at local museums, music venues and cinemas. It provides an easy way to submit a “flyposter” where the user is, removing the need for flyposters to run the risk of getting caught by police or various gangs that oversee the addition of posters in certain areas.

Over 10,000 venues have already started creating flyposters using the iPhone application and now allows anyone to add their own events. The results are impressive, I opened the app in my local area and found a list of over fifteen events happening today, all just around the corner to me:

Listings can be shared to either Twitter or Facebook and directions are provided to the location, helping you find a venue you might have vistited before:

Flypost is heading to SXSW this weekend, launching the service at the technology festival, before launching across the UK and US. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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