Microsoft to offer 1,000 apprenticeship opportunities in London

Microsoft to offer 1,000 apprenticeship opportunities in London

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that Microsoft is to create 1,000 apprentice opportunities in London over the next 36 months, as part of a new drive by the Mayor to deliver 20,000 new opportunities in the capital by the end of the academic year.

Currently, 9,000 of the positions have been created, up 30% on last year, with Virgin Media also confirming that it will also be contributing to the scheme by offering 90 apprenticeships.

The Mayor is wants more apprenticeships to be available in companies like Microsoft and Virgin Media but also in other areas where they are underrepresented, including financial and business services, and the cultural and creative sectors.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:

“I applaud the companies that have announced their commitment to apprenticeships. London’s businesses need to redouble their efforts to save what could otherwise become a wasted generation. They can make the difference by creating these crucial openings and at the same time build a skilled workforce tailored to the needs of the business.”

Stephen Uden, Head of Skills & Economic Affairs at Microsoft tells us that the opening of 1,000 apprenticeship opportunities forms part of the company’s Britain Works programme, which launched in 2009 and aims to help 500,000 people get back into work by 2012.

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