Looking for a cofounder in the UK? MatchFounders has you covered

Looking for a cofounder in the UK? MatchFounders has you covered

Having a pile of brilliant ideas in the back of your head with no one to build them with is a frustrating situation. Fortunately for everyone stuck in that rut, a solution is being tested in the UK.

A little, and newly launched company called MatchFounders in the UK is working to help create “matched introductions between passionate people with different skill sets, creating lasting and fruitful professional relationships.”

If that sounds something like speed dating for business partners, you are on the right track. The site has a search and filter function that allows you to scan the company’s database of potential founders to find the one that is perfect for you.

Looking for someone who wants to find a quick exit, commit 6 days a week to the project, and is not a lawyer? You can find them, with MatchFounders. The problem with so many people is that they have a certain set of skills that is strong, but not complete enough to found a company. They need someone to round them out (and they of course fill out their partner), allowing the new venture to be well balanced. With MatchFounders, that hunt may become much simpler.

For everyone not in the UK (which includes your humble author), we have to wait and see how the experiment goes. However, given its simplicity and potential impact, expect this idea to succeed and spread.

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