HD Voice Calls Go Nationwide in the UK with Orange (Updated with sound test)

HD Voice Calls Go Nationwide in the UK with Orange (Updated with sound test)

Aiming to reduce the background noise and the “hisses and crackles” often heard on a normal mobile call, Orange has launched HD Voice calls nationwide in the UK today.

The technology uses the AMR-WB codec and is expected to be adopted by other carriers shortly. William Webb (Head of research and development at Ofcom) says that it is “relatively easy for an operator to introduce—it’s just a software upgrade.”

It’s not all good news however. Unfortunately, the new technology does not address the problems associated with mobile phone reception – so iPhone users don’t get your hopes up – and it will require most users to purchase a new handset. That said, Orange is offering the service free to existing customers, lets hope competitors do the same cough-cough-O2-cough-cough.


Just came upon this video from the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones comparing an HD phone call to a standard phone, the difference is absolutely remarkable. If the video below isn’t working for you, watch it here.

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