400Mbps Broadband Coming To Virgin Media In The Near Future

400Mbps Broadband Coming To Virgin Media In The Near Future

Virgin Media is to set to offer its customers broadband speeds of up to 400Mbps (thats megabits per second to you and I) in the near future with 100Mbps lines becoming available by the end of the year.

According to the BBC, Virgin Media are said to be readying 400Mbps-ready modems and routers capable of handling and delivering super-fast internet to its customers where data transfers are so fast an album can be downloaded in under a second and an HD movie coming down the pipe in under two minutes.

Jon James, Director of Broadband for Virgin Media, said “We have a big fat dial to give more capacity to customers and there will be a steady series of upgrades,” with consumers wanting to get more out of their connections, noting “The crunch point is coming. There is a step-change in what people are trying to do with their broadband connection.”

The increase in internet speed will enable its customers to move their data and media to the cloud, with the company looking to introduce internet based storage and content delivery ensuring customers would no longer have to worry about the physical capabilities of their computer instead storing photos, films and documents entirely online.

Virgin Media expects demand for faster broadband will grow with the increase in online gaming and businesses allowing employees to work from home.

For existing customers who are unhappy with the upstream speed of their internet connection, Virgin Media will be giving them a boost later in the year. Don’t expect a huge increase though, Jon James has said: “Currently upstream speeds are far down the list of priorities when we do customer research. They can’t see the applications for it.”

I have an account with Virgin Media and enjoy 20Mbps download speed, I can’t fathom how fast 400Mbps would be.

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