Murdoch Reveals Times Paywall: £1 Per Day From June

Murdoch Reveals Times Paywall: £1 Per Day From June

After months of speculation, Rupert Murdoch’s the Times newspaper has revealed details of its paywall.

From June this year, users will be asked to pay £1 per day, or £2 per week, to access the Times and the Sunday Times. From May the existing Times Online site, which merges content from the two newspapers, will be replaced by separate sites.

The BBC quotes News International’s chief executive, Rebekah Brooks as saying this is “a crucial step towards making the business of news an economically exciting proposition”.

Will you pay?

The question is, will you pay £1 per day or £2 per week to access news you can get elsewhere? The Times and Sunday Times certainly have their fair share of big-name columnists to provide a unique spin on current events but users don’t tend to react well to paywalls. It will be interesting to see if News International can make this a success.

The move follows the company blocking some news aggregators from accessing its content. A similar paywall for the company’s Sun and News Of The World titles will be announced soon.

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