Labour Party iPhone App In The Store At Last

Labour Party iPhone App In The Store At Last

The UK Labour Party‘s iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App store, some two weeks after the launch of the Conservative Party‘s App.

The Labour Party kicked off its ‘digital campaign’ with news of its iPhone app way back in January, as reported by The Next Web.

It was scheduled to arrive in the iTunes Apps store in February but failed to appear, giving the Conservative Party the opportunity to launch its own app and steal a march on the government in the run up to this year’s General Election.

However, the Labour app, called iCampaign and aimed squarely at party activists, has now arrived in the iTunes store.

The app serves up national and local news, using the phone’s location to select nearby stories.  Contact details for local candidates are also available, along with the latest tweets from the party’s official Twitter-feed.

Like the Tory app, there is a fairly comprehensive summary of major policy areas and for party members there is the opportunity to log in using their Membersnet details, although there is no integration with the iPhone contacts list for instant canvassing.

On the whole, the Labour app is a fairly earnest offering and whilst the Conservative app’s Swingometer ‘game’ is hardly Fifa 10 , it does add a lighter, distinctive element to the overall offering.

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