“UK Hulu” SeeSaw’s first TV ad is… er, short (Video)

“UK Hulu” SeeSaw’s first TV ad is… er, short (Video)

seesawSeeSaw, widely seen as the UK’s answer to video-on-demand service Hulu, is to run its first TV ad tonight.

The ad, which plays first on Channel 4, is designed to highlight the service’s drama output, reports Paid Content.

At just ten seconds long, it’s clearly designed as a ‘tease’ to get viewers to visit the site and discover what it’s all about. However, I wonder how many people will have noticed it’s started before it’s over. Viewed on its own it won’t necessarily grab the attention of viewers impatient for the ad break to be over.

This is all about the long-game though. Other ads, with comedy and action themes, will run soon reports Digital Spy. This campaign is about slowly getting people aware of the brand. Another phase of the campaign will then kick in when SeeSaw starts offering premium content at a fee later in the year.

We recently reviewed SeeSaw in its beta period and found its initial offering to be a good start. The lack of social features such as being able to embed videos in other sites seems a little unambitious. Here’s the ad, as uploaded by Paid Content’s Robert Andrews.

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