Depressing: UK prefers iPhone binge drinking to Facebook

Depressing: UK prefers iPhone binge drinking to Facebook

iPintcomScore has revealed that iPint is the UK’s most popular app for the iPhone.

Marketing research company comScore made the announcement today at the Mobile Games Forum in London. They also noted that the Facebook app was the most popular in the US, and Shazam (a music identifying app) was the rest of Europe’s favourite. All of these apps can be downloaded free of charge.

iPint, made be Carling, is quite simple to use. The screen becomes a full pint; just tilt your iPhone or iPod and pretend to knock it back, while your friends watch in wonder and the “glass” empties. You could have a race to see how many you can drink in an allotted time, or race friends. Though that’s about all the app is good for.

So, the US like to keep in touch with their friends, Europe discover new music, and us Brits enjoy virtual binge drinking. Bearing in mine the UK is apparently the biggest binge drinking country in Europe, it’s a little depressing that this is reflected in the virtual world of mobile apps. However it’s hardly surprising when at the beginning of last year iFart was the Top Paid app for weeks on end. Yes, you guessed it, it was a flatulence simulator.

Although, let’s look at the facts. First off, it’s a free app that has got into the Top Free apps regularly in the UK. You’re bored and looking for some quick entertainment from your iPhone- iPint can solve this. Or maybe you have some friends round which do not own iPhone, so possibly can’t fathom the iPhone’s accelerometers etc, you can quickly wow them as well as make them laugh with iPint.

Plus, maybe this should be taken as a positive. If people are binge drinking with friends on their iPhones, then they may not actually be binge drinking with real pints, therefore not harming their bodies. Make a decision- real binge drinking or virtual binge drinking?

Do you think iPint should of got the number one spot? What is your favourite app? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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