Amazon sneaks out a UK Android MP3 store. No-one notices.

Amazon sneaks out a UK Android MP3 store. No-one notices.

amazonMP3While we were busy looking into the mysterious hidden Google Voice app on the Nexus One, The Telegraph spotted something most UK owners of the phone have missed until now.

Yes, with Android 2.1 Amazon has rolled out a UK version of its MP3 Store app. This has been a part of Android in the USA since version 1.0 and despite Amazon having had a browser-based MP3 Store in the UK for some time, it hasn’t rolled it out to Android – until now.

I’ve had just a play with the app that was staring me in the face the whole two days I’ve had the Nexus One. The verdict? Very slick. As long as you have your One-Click payment settings set up properly on your Amazon account you’ll be downloading MP3s and playing them in no time.

It begs the question: why no announcement Amazon? We imagine that it’s currently only available to people willing to shell out £360 for a Nexus One is a factor.

We imagine the UK MP3 Store will be rolled out to other handsets as they get their Android 2.1 updates.

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