NHS release iPhone app to track alcohol intake…will it make a difference though?

NHS release iPhone app to track alcohol intake…will it make a difference though?

The NHS have released a free iPhone app to the UK iTunes app store allowing users to NHS Alcohol Trackerkeep track of the alcohol intake over the festive period.

With accurate unit calculations, feedback and FAQ it’s a neat and well formed application for dissecting your alcohol intake during a period when it can be a difficult to take stock of how much your drinking.

It’s the first foray into the iPhone application world for the NHS and hopefully not the last with the ever useful NHS Direct surely a potential app itself in the future.

Chris Sorek, chief executive of Drinkaware spoke to ITN and commented on the difficulties of keeping track of your alcohol consumption: “Trying to stick within the daily unit guidelines will help people avoid the January slump and the long term health implications associated with drinking too much alcohol.”

Will this app increase the awareness of iPhone users’ drinking levels this Christmas? I’m not so sure on a notable scale, though it’s important to see the NHS taking advantage these avenues of communication and information access with the public.

The likelihood is that only users that are already conscious of their intake will use the app on a regular basis with the majority of users downloading it as a novelty app.

If you’ve not got a iPhone, simply text UNIT to 64746 for a link to a mobile units calculator.  You can download the iPhone app for free from the UK iTunes Store today.

For more screen shots, see below:

NHS iPhone Appnhs2

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