90 minute delivery from your favourite online stores with Shutl

90 minute delivery from your favourite online stores with Shutl

Shutl LogoE-commerce shoppers in London could soon be experiencing 90 minute courier deliveries from their favourite online stores thanks to the brains, and technology behind Shutl a new UK startup.

Shutl works to become the middle man between e-commerce retailers and various local couriers to deliver purchases quicker and for a roughly equivalent price of standard delivery.

The smart solution works to define the best courier at the best price (and in time also factored by user feedback) to ensure the package is delivered quicker and more efficiently.

This smart solution is a smart ‘middleman’ between the couriers and the retailers, dramatically limiting the overheads of a physical delivery operation for both Shutl and the retailers.

At present there are only a handful of retailers that are offering the Shutl solution with more ‘on the way’ which will help increase its presence. From what I can see, the solution currently only really works with retailers that are delivering from multiple distribution points than say, an Amazon with central storage depots but this may evolve in time.

It is planned that this delivery solution is rolled out across the United Kingdom which I feel will be an interesting test of the model.

Delivery in London is a logical first step on terms of distance and market size but delivering to the regions of the UK may be another challenge. That said, the solution is connecting the retailer to the courier, not actually delivering themselves so this could be one to watch.

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