London school gives free iPhones to kids in weird experiment

London school gives free iPhones to kids in weird experiment

Picture 3London based Gumley House Convent School has launched a pilot program that provides free iPhones to students.

The Catholic school is exploring the idea of using the iPhone as a tool that can support learning within schools. 30 students will be able to use the devices in any way they believe will assist with schooling, while working closely with teachers.

“The increasing availability of ‘apps’ (applications) on these phones means that a wealth of possibilities may be accessed, and the group involved in the study will meet at regular intervals to share ideas on how they are being used as well as look at their regular attainment to see if, in reality, and change in learning can be monitored,” the school wrote in a statement.

Similar programs are currently offered through several other schools such as the Abilene Christian University in Texas, but in its case the iPhone is more of an incentive to join, no really.

Strangely, the girls will have free access to all of the phone’s features with the exception of actual calls. Why they haven’t been handed iPod Touch’s instead, I don’t know.

Can’t wait for them to try this out in Brixton.

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