Lady Gaga for Less? UK Music Price Comparison Site Goes Live!

Lady Gaga for Less? UK Music Price Comparison Site Goes Live!

lady_gagaUK music fans could soon be paying a lot less for their downloads.

Consumer champion, Martin Lewis, founder of has launched a new price comparison service for music downloads.

Tunechecker has the potential to save music fans serious money and may have an impact on the Apple iTunes Store‘s dominance if the comparison site gains popularity in the UK.

The site takes the same approach to music downloads that other price comparison sites take to car insurance or utilities.

The Christmas relaunch of Lady Gaga‘s album with extra tracks, ‘The Fame Monster’, can be picked up from £7.49 at Amazon but comes in at £11.99 at 7Digital. A quick search for Cheryl Cole‘s latest release ‘3 Words‘ showed prices ranging from £5.47 at Tesco to £8.49 at Orange.

Tunechecker tells us that Mojo‘s Folk album of the year, ‘Here’s The Tender Coming’ from The Unthanks can be had for as little as £4.99 at TuneTribe, although the service fairs less well the further off the beaten track you travel.

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard‘s recent ‘Harvest Festival‘ album cannot be found at all on Tunechecker. This might have more to do with the album’s distribution deal than Tunechecker, but it can be found in the Apple iTunes Store.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at Tunechecker before you download. Who knows how much you could save?

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