Twitter is kicking blocked and muted users out of your notifications


In light of its gradually dwindling stock value and popularity, Twitter has increasingly devoted its time and energy into curbing harassment on its platform.

Starting today, the company will no longer display notifications from conversations initiated by accounts you’ve either blocked or muted.

The change will effectively filter out abusive users out of your notification feed, but it will similarly prevent positive replies to the same conversations from showing up – unless you happen to follow the responder personally.

The micro-blogging service has been getting busy with its anti-abuse efforts over the past months.

A few days ago, the company briefly announced it won’t be notifying users when they get added to a Twitter list in order to curb harassment. Curiously, the feature remained active for a short window of time before the social media giant eventually reversed the changes.

This is, however, hardly anything new for the website. Back in October last year, Twitter introduced its ‘muted words’ filter before quickly disabling it again. The feature eventually rolled out to all users two weeks later.

In case you want to learn more about the new anti-abuse measure, Twitter has explained how the new feature will impact blocking and muting in more detail here.

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